This article was originally published on Localvore Today's The Daily Beet on July 20, 2015.

At Localvore, we spend a whole lot of time meeting local business owners, trying out Vermont-made products, and eating our way through the delicious restaurants that call Vermont their home. We've gotten into more than one heated debate (ending with hugs, of course) about our favorites, and we decided it was time to share the love. And so, we bring you Localvore Loves – the local places, bites, and products that we just can’t get enough of. Today – burgers.

Kim, Webmaster & Customer Service

I took a nice walk through O.N.E. and finally checked out The Chubby Muffin's Wednesday Burger Night. I got a delicious burger with fries and a Dirty Mayor for $10. Great summer burger and the price was right.

Dan, Founder & CEO

Worthy Burger. Why? Because I was playing the Grateful Dead in my car when I pulled in, and Worthy Burger was playing Grateful Dead when I got there. Oh yeah, and it's a delicious, juicy delight!

Kayla, Account Manager

I know this isn't the most lady-like choice, nor is it the healthiest or most local, but there is nothing like a Sizzler while watching a Sunday football game. The burger is quite large and includes every topping you could ever want. Once you go Sizzler, you never go back! Get one at The Shopping Bag on North Street, right next to T. Rugg's, where I can conveniently watch the game, grab a beer, and slowly work my way through a Sizzler (oh, and sometimes onion rings, too).

Michael, Co-founder & President

Almost every Labor Day for the past however many years I lived in Burlington, there are free burgers and hot dogs in Battery Park. One year way back it was Bernie himself who put the hamburger on my plate! I jokingly call it Labor-ger Day.

Sarah, Creative Coordinator & Writer

Prohibition Pig's Just a Burger is my everything. It comes with ketchup, mustard, and a pickle spear stacked OUTSIDE the bun with a giant toothpick. My heart sings when I see that tin plate heading to my table. And since I live in Burlington, I know I'll be able to have a little catnap on the ride home, the road lulling me to sleep and my head in a full-belly daze.

Meg, Director of Operations

Gimme that Farmhouse Tap & Grill burger – medium rare with a runny egg on top. Simple and perfect in every way! Sometimes I mix it up with Bayley Hazen Blue and bacon instead because I like to live on the edge.

Mackenzie, Photographer

The Bench in Stowe has a dank beef burger and veggie burger (which I often get). I’ve also heard awesome things about Bread and Butter Farm’s Burger Night which I’m hoping to check out next Friday. I’ll report back!

Matt, Graphic Designer

Eating the Big Red from Misery Loves Co. in Winooski combines all the fun and flavor of a fast food meal with the quality that comes from people who actually put care, time, and love into the preparation and ingredients.

Chase, Account Manager

You know when you find that one item on a restaurant's menu and you instantly build a bond that will last the rest of your life? That's what I found when I first experienced Hotel Vermont Juniper's hamburger and french fries. I'm the odd one in the bunch because I like my burgers well-done (I know, a cardinal sin to most). This burger packs a punch of juicy, grass-fed beef, hugged by a roll that fell from the heavens.  If that's not enough to get your mouth salivating, commit to the herb french fries... your stomach will thank you. #nosalad